Providing You A Loyal Companion

Saddle up on a horse and start riding lessons from DAAN Sporthorses. Based in Anza, California, our company provides riding programs for you to start riding on one of our affectionate, beautiful animals.

Trained Horses

Trained Horses for You to Ride

Go for a ride on one of our beloved, trained horses. We have trained and prepared our horses from beginner to FEI level Dressage. If you are looking to learn to ride a horse and compete, using one of our animals can lead you to success.

An Effective, Well-Rounded Program

Under our European style riding school, we provide you a champion horse to train with throughout the program. Our half-time programs cost $400 per month, and our full-time program costs $750 per month.

A Bundle You Will Like

Improve your balance and coordination with one of our full-training courses. This well-rounded training increases your reflexes, and helps you develop a sense of balance when riding your horse. Schedule your individual riding lesson for only $45 per hour or ride 5 days a week for a cost of $850 per month,

A Horse You Will Love and Trust

Develop personal trust with one of our dressage horses.  With our instructions, you will learn to communicate and interact with your beautiful, trusting animal. Schedule full training for only $850 per month.

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